One Thing Remains

  C               G               D
Higher than the mountains that I face
   C                G            D
Stronger than the power of the grave
    C            G              D
Constant in the trial and the change
          C  G    D
This one thing remains

Em                          C
Your love never fails, it never gives up
  G               D
Nevers run out on me
       Em  C  G  D
Your love

     C            G             D
And on and on and on and on it goes
     C             G            D
It overwhelms and satisfies my soul
        C         G           D
And I never ever have to be afraid
          C  G    D
This one thing remains

     C        G            D           Am
In death, in life, I’m confident and covered
         C       G          D
By the power of your great love
    C       G              D               Am
My debt is paid there’s nothing that can separate
    C          G         D
My heart from your great love
Jeremy Riddle