The Crown Is Yours

Em         C                  G
Dead in my sin, alive in Your love
Em         C                     G
Lost on my own, but found in the one
Em              C                    G
My strength, it fails, but you never will
Em            C                      G
You bought me back when You tore the veil

C         G          Em
Compassion and grace
                  D               C
Forgiveness and unending strength
              G         Em
This king took my place
                D           C
Savior, Lord of all my days
             G              Em
What love is this? I cannot know
            D                  C
_A grace divine, a love so pure
           G               Em
Oh Spirit, come wash me as snow
            D                  C  G  Em  D
The debt is mine, the crown is Yours

Em          C              G
Lord, now I walk into Your light
Em            C                    G
My stains are gone, you've made me white
Em             C           G
Lord, let your Holy Spirit come
Em    C                   G
Break apart this heart of stone

C             Em                 D
This king was pierced because of me
I crown You, Lord
C           Em             D
This savior died to set me free
The glory's Yours
C             Em           D
What once was dead is now alive
Risen one
C          Em            D
Victory is His, so is my life
Exalted son
Tyler Benziger